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Unpacking - Bathroom

The bathroom is the 2nd most important space to set up in the home, after the kitchen. Though, you'll want soap, toilet paper and towels in there STAT. You can read more about what to have ready on your move-in date here.

I was able to repurpose storage bins from our apartment which we originally used in our kitchen. Since they worked well in this space, I decided to ride that wave to glory. There is medicine stored in our medicine cabinet/closet in the bathroom, which I know is a no-no (sorry, Pharmacy friends) but I am keeping them here until we have a better place for them soon downstairs.


Here is what the bathroom looked like after we unpacked on day 1 of the move. It wasn't priority #1, so we just threw things in there until we had time to sort through it. Does this give me anxiety? Yep.

Here is what it looked like after 1 hour with me nailing it...

...and this...

...and His & Her Shaving bins. A shelf divider was added (repurposed from my closet) to help support the stack of hand towels and wash cloths...

On the bottom shelf, I was able to utilize the height of the space by stacking bins (repurposed from the kitchen, as well). These categories, back stock hair product & travel toiletries, are not accessed frequently. I also keep cleaning products down low in case any spills or leaks happen.


Medicine Cabinet

I could not get these shelves to adjust because someone had glued them in place, which So, I went with it and put appropriately sized items in their place.

The bottom shelf is mainly for Kyle's convenience. He likes to have his contact case/glasses at mid-torso level whenever possible (we all have our things), so thats how we landed with this layout.

I needed small cups for tools and cotton swabs, so I was also able to bring out these Moroccan tea glasses that I've had boxed up since 2010! It makes me happy to see them everyday and they serve a great purpose.

We have another full bathroom on another level, but it has no storage to showcase. I will be purchasing a small basket to store towels, but all back stock soap and TP will come from the basement storage.

If you are enjoying this journey, bless you. You can see more blog posts like this here!


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