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Unpacking - Kitchen

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

The Kitchen is one of the most important spaces to unpack when you move. Unpack everything, lay it out, and begin to plot where things could live.

Best Tips:

1. Before you put anything away, consider where you'll use them. (I.e. keep dishes close to the dishwasher/table)

2. Keep categories together as much as possible. (I.e. try not to store food in multiple locations)

3. Keep counters as clear as possible to make your space feel clean and also...clear counters make cleaning easier.

4. Contain! (I.e. for your deep cabinets, make sure your utilize ever inch of space by getting containers that act as drawers)



Keep Things Close to Where You'll Use Them

Baking tools and ingredients stored near mixer to make it easier for Kyle to make us cookies. I love cookies. *I have since added drawer organizers for the small tools baking drawer. The containers for the flour, sugars, etc. on the bottom of the cart are the Rubbermaid Brilliance containers, the same as our Tupperware. The label side can be turned around to the back so it's more aesthetically pleasing.

Glasses are closest to the fridge where we will fill up water and ice, the bowls and plates are the next closest cabinet to the dishwasher.

Tupperware is stored just under the plastic baggies, clips, ties and wraps. I like to store Tupperware lids separate because, in my personal experience, the Tupperware can smell mildewy if it doesn't get to dry all the way. I used 2 small 4-sort organizers from The Container Store and secured them with museum gel.


Keep Counters Clear

We have an awesome knife block for our knives, but it takes up an obscene amount of space.

This organizer is from The Container Store, but there are many more options on Amazon. I got this one because it fits almost all our knives (excluding our two most used knives).

Even for appliances used daily, they can be tucked away for easy access. This toaster is stored directly underneath where we use it.

Paper Towels can find a home under the sink, put as close to the front of the cabinet as you like. We try not to use them very often to save the earth and stuff, so we put the microfiber towels more prevalent.



Whether its deep pantry bins to maximize depth or glass jars to consolidate goods and remove floppy plastic bags - containment is key!

Our pantry is only 3 small cabinets so we had to make the most out of all vertical and horizontal storage. I like using the jars because I can fit two boxes worth of pasta, grains and rice into one jar.

Another form of containment is decanting. As I said before, I decant my dry goods into jars, and I decant Kyle's protein powder into a more visually pleasing air tight jar. Ours is from Target! The white baskets next to that jar are for onions & potatoes, which we always have multiple of each on hand (except for this photo, we hadn't been to the grocery yet).

Much better, no?


Finally, remember that the space is YOUR space. Set it up how you know you'll use it best. If you want kids to have more access to plates and snacks, rearrange some drawer space at their level. If you never bake, then consider donating your baking pans or maybe just relocating them to a storage bin.

As always, if you have questions, feel free to reach out! Browse other blogs about unpacking and organizing here!


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