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Unpacking - Office

I love having an office in the home. It provides a designated space to focus on work tasks, a small chance of quiet to take a call or video chat, and a home for all the important documents you need as a homeowner.

So far, having our office set up has been great! We don't have a desk yet, and for budget and COVID inventory reasons, we probably won't for a while. We want a sleek desk with a couple drawers for basic office supply storage, but everything else would be stored on our bookshelves.

Thanks to my expiring Container Store Coupons and a sale on office products, we was able to cheaply create a space that complimented our file boxes which we already owned.


Make a Plan

Before I made my journey to The Container Store, I wanted to know exactly what categories needed to be contained. I wanted to see the general layout, and leave things to my imagination based on inventory.

I labeled things with post its and snapped a photo for reference at the store.

Here it is after...


Making It Happen

I knew I wanted to stick to items from the Bigso collection, because that's the same as our file boxes. But as I started collecting items, I felt like it was too much to have it all the same style. I went to other sections in the store and found the pretty blue Oskar storage bins in the laundry section. I liked that the color and shape would compliment the other containers and function well.

The large basket on the bottom shelf is used for items that A) Need to go into another room or B) Bulky Items which Need to be addressed (like packages to mail out, etc.)

The top inbox tray is used for urgent items to be addressed and the bottom tray is for items to be followed up or filed. Keeping these things in our faces and not tucked away will help us remember what's on our to do list.

Having a desk and chair will be great eventually, but in the meantime, this table and wicker basket will do the trick.

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