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Unpacking - Fridge & Freezer

Organizing your refrigerator may not seem very sexy, but here we are... If you'd like to see more kitchen organizing, check out this blog post!

There are many many ways you can organize your refrigerator, no matter what the configurations is, but my fridge is a side by side. Before this, I always had a small freezer on top and large fridge on the bottom. I'll show you how I organized both!

I will be pushing containers so hard in this post for two reasons:

  1. Labeling a container allows everyone to see your system. If you want people to become more independent in cooking for themselves, this is the first step.

  2. In the unfortunate instance of a power outage or appliance death, having all your items contained reduces the amount of cross contamination and cleaning you'll need to do.


Side By Side

You can pick up these fridge bins at Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon or The Container Store. There are definitely cheaper kinds ( like these from Walmart), I just like the ones I have in the photos because they are durable, and they fit beautifully on most fridge selves, no matter what the configuration.

I use turntables with sides to gather condiments & sauces so nothing get lost in the back or accidentally falls over/onto the floor.

Most importantly, it's good to leave space to move things around. Even though I firmly believe labeling is key to keeping everyone on board with a system, sometimes, you just need a temporary living space.

Whenever possible, leave the most amount of real estate for leftovers

Top Freezer

In this freezer, I never spent money on containers. I repurposed old rectangular Tupperware that had missing lids and labeled them. It always worked out well for me!

All the other tips are pretty similar to the side by side, just less space on the door for beverages.

Freezer Door - Room for Flexibility
Top Left Turntable is a "Breakfast" bin, ignore the missing drawer at the bottom.

No matter your space, be sure to eliminate bulky packaging.

You can cut out the label & cooking instructions and put them in a reusable clear baggie - this will free up space from empty boxes and eliminate the question of "how much do we have left?"

Feel free to check out the other blog posts here!


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