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    Jambo! It’s me, Tricia Hofacker, Professional Organizer and the mind behind Fourth Wall Organizing. You may remember me as the wonderful human who helped you in some capacity to get organized! I probably said several inappropriate things during the process, but you went with it so it didn’t get weird.


    In March 2020, I made the decision to no longer operate Fourth Wall Organizing as a business, but will continue offering organizational advice to friends and family, and writing the blog

   Why? Well…Financially, it makes the most sense to indefinitely close. I am putting more money into legally having an established business than I am profiting. #math 
COVID-19 was the final proverbial cherry on top, but I’ve made peace with the possibility of closing long before it ever hit. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to try, something that not everyone is fortunate enough to do.

    Don't cry for me, America (and Canada and England, since I’ve helped people there, too). I’m still a Professional Organizer, just not with my own company (and, truthfully, I'm completely fine with that).


   The idea for Fourth Wall Organizing was created in 2016! Today, I will continue to bring you the content you only-kind-of-want-to read, maybe if you're bored and waiting between auditions. I’m still available for a FaceTime/Skype if you’re stuck on a project at home and need a fresh set of eyes. Send me photos of your trunk/suitcase and I’ll tell you how you can make it all fit. I can virtually present/email either of my seminars (Tour Prep and Time Management for Artists) for those who want it. I am excited to continue to feature cool organizing products, as well as fascinating creatures in the arts community on my blog.


    My dream was to provide organizational information to artists in a way that speaks to them and to make it accessible, affordable, and fun. And I fucking nailed that. Much like a Gen Z youth, Fourth Wall Organizing has just evolved into something boundless, fluid, and a little confusing for older people to understand. I'm thriving, girl! I hope you are, too.

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