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Unpacking - Laundry & Basement

Our basement is great! Plenty of storage space, probably more than what we need currently, but we will be grateful for in time as we accumulate things. I was happy to have a high enough ceiling to utilize our 7 foot metal shelving from Costco, with casters. Kyle said "these things are an eyesore" when they were in our previous apartment - and he was right. However, I said "You'll thank me when we move into a home with a basement someday!" Here we are. :) Now we need more shelving!



The previous owners left the tracks and brackets for a shelving system on the wall near the washer and dryer, but did not leave shelves. Since I'm no stranger to creating shelving, I went out and purchased wire shelving (super cheap BTW) and cut it down to size using a small hacksaw.

It turned out great, check it out! I even have more brackets and shelves if we need to add more eventually.



The pipe is not a real pipe, it's just there for hanging :)


I like storing seasonal items and home goods in the basement. I try, whenever possible, to store nothing in the attic (as it's not temperature controlled). Additionally, I also store Memorabilia, In-Home Utility items /User Manuals, and backstock food in bins with lids in the basement.

Currently, We only have two shelving units, so I only am showing seasonal items and home goods in these photos. Memorabilia will be stored on another shelving unit just like these, and utility items will be stored in a separate space on smaller shelves, closer to the steps.

Since we don't really know if this basement has any flooding issues, I chose to keep the casters on to add height. Additionally, casters make it easy to the units away from walls if we need.




Coming In the Future...The Workshop

We have this awesome space in the back of the basement which including tons of storage. Unfortunately for us, we don't need this size of a workshop. We will be transforming this space in some capacity (yet to be determined) to allow for more bin storage, and less small scale storage. We do plan on keeping a section as a workbench, don't worry. The other cabinets/peg boards will be given to a local business that buys/sells used cabinets.

Until next time! Check out these other blog posts here!


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