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Organizing With File Folds

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Category is...File Folds! *Vogues* File Folds are the folds you saw that tiny adorable woman (Marie Kondo of the KonMari Method) teach people on Netflix's "Tidying Up". If you haven't seen it yet, please see this trailer. I have to hand it to Netflix, releasing that show on January 1st, 2019 was brilliant. They got us hook, line and sinker. They KNOW that people naturally want to declutter to start their new year off right. Especially after 2018: May it die a slow and painful death.

Tees file folded
Tees file folded so you can see allllllllll the colors of the rainbow

So, why should you care about file folding? Well here are some really interesting statistics about file folding saving you space.... *cricket* Ok, so no one has done any scientific research on exactly how much space file folding can save you. But just ask anyone who uses these folds how valuable they have become in their regular laundry folding routines. I file fold all my clothes whenever my space allows. When I was traveling on tour, I did not have a trunk for my seasonal clothes so I had to fit all four seasons inside two suitcases. Think about it: Winter coats, Long John's (Does anyone call them that anymore or is my Midwest showing again?), Scarves, Gloves, get the idea. ALL CLOTHES can be file folded to save space. That includes underwear and socks. SOCKS! It's truly awesome. In a medium sized packing cube (Pictured below) I fit 6 pairs of pants (and a belt) into a cube that normally fits 3 with a standard fold. Not only does it increase space, but I can see in one glance all of the pants I packed. I have another blog post about packing cubes HERE. Don't fret, my pet. *Disclaimer- I do not keep my underwear file folded because #aintnobodygottimeforthat on tour, or at home for most people.

You've convinced me. I'm going to file fold everything.

Cool! Good Choice! There are tons of youtube videos about how to file fold. Here's one from that precious gem, Marie Kondo herself! Enjoy going down that rabbit hole for the next 2 hours.

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