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Top10 Beauty Organizing Products

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

I've compiled some of my favorite products ($15 and under) to stay organized at home. No particular order, all products are rock stars!!!

#1 Acrylic Letter Sorter

Check out this 5 section letter sorter from The Container Store. At just $6, you will find this item in the Office section! They also make a 7 section organizer for $10. You can get an organizer that is slightly longer (9 section) and taller for $8 here on Amazon.

#2 Compact Organizer

Keep all those naughty circular bitches in their place with this beautiful compact organizer. You can also use something as basic as this drawer organizer to stand your compacts upright.

compact organizer
Compact Organizer is perfect for circular compacts!

#3 Stackable Drawers

If you have a small counter but a lot of makeup, this chic ass drawer set will be a great fit for you. It's also a great option for jewelry organizing, as well!

#4 Nail Caddy

Try this caddy for nail polishes! The key is to make it plastic and make it portable. It makes for easy transport and clean up!

#5 Brush Cups

Rule #1 of makeup brushes is to store them standing up whenever possible. The most basic solution is a tall mug or glass jar. If you are in need of a glass container for brushes, try to recycle your glass candle jars once you've burned the wick to it's stubby little life's end.

#6 Small Tool Organizing Pods

Don't forget about utilizing your vertical space! For a quick fix, use this acrylic pod to store smaller items like tweezers, pencils and scissors that get lost easily.

#7 Drawer Organizers

No matter what you are organizing, drawer organizers will be your favorite tool. These organizers from The Container store are EXTRA helpful because they stack. If you have really deep drawers where things get lost easily, this is you solution!

#8 Multipurpose Bins

These are great for storing items like hair product, styling tools, hygiene back stock, you name it. These babies are the real MVPs when it comes to under the sink storage - coming in sizes Small to X-Large.

#9 Like It Bricks

These stackable heroes are able to accommodate MANY beauty products because they come in such a variety of sizes (including some for the office, as well!). Mix and match to best fit your particular drawer or cabinet.

#10 Large Athletic Shoe Drawer

These drawers are AMAZING. Not only are they a great item to have for everyday storage, but they also come with inserts to create more space for categories of products. They also make them in wider, skinnier, and shorter styles.

Your opportunities are boundless, so try some things out! Happy organizing!

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