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Small Space Organization

Here we are! The most requested topic for organization tips: Small Spaces. It is nearly impossible to give advice that would help fix the problems of encompass ALL small spaces. That's just a fact, Jack. So, I’ve decided to list some tips that would help increase functionality in almost any space in a small apartment or home. Let’s read it, friends! *As always, this is a reminder that this blog is aimed to assist Artists, no matter what point in their careers they may be, to make financially sound organizational purchases.

Deep Sweater bins
Deep Sweater Bins (pictured bottom third shelf), I love you oodles.

Deep Sweater Bins & Sweater Bins Storage

My FAVORITE bin in the world is the Deep Sweater bin from The Container Store. I could write an epic poem about the deep sweater bin, but it’d be too sultry to share here. Trust me when I say, I am INTO. THIS. BIN. These sexy little bins are designed to hold sweaters, obviously. And they sure do that super well. However, the deep sweater bin is a damned Goddess. It will hold pretty much anything that you could need to organize in a small apartment. Towels? Yup. Shoes? Yup. Toys? Yup. Sports Gear? Yup. Snacks? Yup. You get it. I also love that they stack so neatly inside those INSANELY tall closet top shelves. Don’t get me started on them. Like WHO IS THE MONSTER who designed that stupid tall shelf in almost every home?! I’m going to a dark place, let’s move on. *Mix and match stacking the deep sweater bin with the regular sweater bin if you need to best fit your shelves.

Under the Bed Storage

I’m not going to waste your time by recommending a specific kind of bin to go under your bed. Instead, let’s chat about the possible categories to store under your bed. Sheets & Guest Linens – Most small apartments do not have a closet that can be dedicated solely to linens. If you do: never move, stay there forever. Storing sheets in your bathroom closet isn’t recommended as the humidity can create an undesirably mildew smell.

Games – Create a Game Night bin! You can even include party décor in this bin to free up space in your Kitchen. No need to keep cups you use a few times a year in the kitchen, when you can utilize a less trafficked area.

Memorabilia/Keepsakes - If you have a lot of clutter around your apartment, try to select only your favorite pieces of memorabilia to display and place the rest under the bed. You can always trade them out to give them equal love. This can include photo albums, as well.

Utilizing Available Real Estate

Mail System - One of the hardest things to maintain in a small space is the entryway mail drop zone. Use wall space to gather the things you need to have quick access to. Invest in a wall file that goes with your aesthetic. When you arrive home with your mail, take the time to file the mail into actionable categories. Need more information about what those categories are and how to maintain it? Email me at *wink* I can’t give it all away, people! Try something with a few files like this or get a couple singular files like this. Cabinet Doors- While over-the-door shoe organizers are a great use of a door space, consider your cabinet space, as well! Gather your daily accessed items and place them on the inside of your vanity cabinet door. Use magnetic tape to keep your metal items together (nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, etc). If you’re lucky enough to have more space in the inside of the cabinet, definitely consider a sturdy plastic basket like this, this or this.

My mind is blown.

Tension rods - If you don’t have as much available wall space as you'd like, consider using tension rods to create your own systems. A tension rod and S hooks placed between two cabinets (even inside of a windowsill) can be a really easy mug storage solution, and also would work for purses in your closet. Keep gift wrapping rolls stored upright by using a tension rod to keep them secure against the wall. Placing one under your kitchen sink allows you to hang your cleaning spray bottles, doubling your storage space! AND you can use them vertically as well! Stand your cookie sheets, cutting boards and casserole dishes on their short edge, supported and separated by tension rods.

Peg Boards & Floating Shelves

Peg boards don’t always appeal to everyone's aesthetic, but the functionality cannot be denied. Whether it’s in the kitchen or entryway, peg boards create a functional space on your wall. It’s a beautiful thing! Add hooks for pots and pans or add baskets for gloves and hats. Floating Shelves are a great way to add storage in tight spaces. They can easily be added in a bedroom to make shoe shelves/shoe art. Also consider putting them in bathrooms for surplus paper product storage, in hallways for room mate communication/command centers, and in kitchens for herbs and cookbook storage. Needless to say, I’m a fan.

Creating a System

Cube System- If you’ve organized with me before, you’re probably laughing about this because you KNOW I’d strike at any chance to recommend a cube system. I just believe the cube system to be one of the best answer to most common room organizational problems. It works for people of all ages and can be decorated to suit your fancy! Pick a storage cube that you like, and organize your common room items in no time. I happen to dig this 8 cube system featured in the pictures.

ELFA System- I could go on and on about The Container Store's ELFA System and how great it is for your pantry, bathroom or hallway closets. The utility rack system is ideal for small spaces on doors. While it isn't always the most affordable option for people in the arts, it's a very efficient one. The Design Center on their website allows you to build your own virtual utility rack for doors here. It is extremely helpful to see your options before you make your purchase.

What lessons do we take away? Think about how you can utilize all of your space, duh. But more than that, think about how your space can better serve the needs of your household. Create a system so everything has a home to return to when it's done being used. Consider functionality of your furniture. Maybe your clunky coffee table can be better utilized with some storage baskets for games? Perhaps you need to add under the bed storage bins for your couch for seasonal decor. If I’ve learned anything while organizing, it’s that you have to think outside of the purpose of the organizational tool. Just because something is marketed or designed to organize papers, does not mean it couldn’t fit best in your kitchen or bathroom rather than your office.

There is always a way to maximize space in small homes!

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