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To Those Who Love an Entrepreneur

It takes a very special kind of hero to be in love with an entrepreneur. My hero is my best friend, Kyle (and conveniently, he is also my husband). Between the uncertainty of finances and the highs and lows that come with even minor success, an entrepreneur needs an unwavering support system. I wanted to celebrate the qualities which make Kyle such a great support to me.


Whether it's financial or emotional support, it's vital to have someone who sincerely believes in you and encourages you to pursue your wildest ambitions. Someone who can be your cheerleader when you are discouraged.

He didn't bat an eye when I said I wanted to quit my job and start a Professional Organizing business. Instead, he encouraged the change, asked how he could help, and sat down with me to make a budget and a plan. Not only does he support me, but he goes out of his way to try and help me build my business. He went with me to help on a couple jobs in NYC just because I was anxious about the workload. He tells people about how proud he is of me, and comes home and tells me about how someone loved my Before and After pictures from that day.


Putting thought behind small details can nearly eliminate everyday stress. He is thoughtful without even trying. Even though he works in theater (evenings and mainly weekend hours) he schedules at least one weekend day off so we can spend the day together. He even partnered with a graphic designer to create a print advertisement for me. My favorite thing about his thoughtfulness is the way he shows me that we are a team. Despite my best efforts to be the pilot in almost every situation, he is paying attention and ready to take control before I even know I need him. He doesn't just sit and watch me do all the housework after I get home from a job, he gets up and asks where I left off so he can pick it up. He doesn't ask "What's for dinner?" but instead asks "What would you like to eat tonight?". Those small details really matter and solidify us as a team.


Throughout the emotional outbursts and inner turmoil, it is so wonderful to have someone give you grace. When I got off tour, I was a disaster for a solid year (or more). Physically, I was wrecked, and mentally I was the equivalent of Mariah Carey in "Glitter". All. Over. The. Place. He never got upset, he just encouraged me to talk about it when I wanted. When I left Disney Theatrical in November of last year, I had about two or three meltdowns about money in the first month. I told him that I knew I was overreacting but that I needed him to just let me panic because I needed it to drive my ambition (twisted, right?). He just kissed me and told me, "I know you. You'll figure this out and I'm here to help if you need it." Side note- I love how he said "if you need it", and not "when you need it."

Weekly, he comes home to some new organizational system I'm trying out before I recommend it to others. He just laughs and goes with it, wondering what the next system will be.

Sense of Adventure

Being excited about change and the "what if" of the unknown is a must-have quality. He sees the uncertainty in life as an opportunity to breathe new life into our lives. I told him that I have no idea if Fourth Wall will be around forever or even by next year, so he planned a 1 year anniversary celebratory breakfast to show me how great it is that it exists at all. He is always trying to find new adventures for us now that I have more free time.

He has the qualities that I would love to have, but just struggle to possess. He not only has all of the above qualities but is kind, sensitive, and romantic. He is the best thing that has happened to me and I'm incredibly lucky to have his support.

Whether the support for an entreprenuer comes from a spouse, parent, child or animal, it's all incredibly valuable. So let's cheers to the qualities of those who make it a little easier to build our empires.

This guy.

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