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It's Curtains for Fourth Wall Organizing...Kind Of

Oh, hello.

In March 2020, I made the decision to no longer run Fourth Wall Organizing as a business, but to continue writing the blog. The original point of my business was to provide organizational information to artists in a way that spoke to them and to make it accessible, affordable, and fun. And I fucking nailed that. Fourth Wall Organizing has just evolved into something new. 

I feel grateful I had the fortune of giving it a try at all. I never started the business for financial gain. I demographic is struggling, like....

Alas, COVID-19 hit hard, ya'll. I was doing a lot of work for free even before the pandemic because I love helping artists, but I reached the financial limit. Don't cry for me, Argentina. I'm still making money as a Professional Organizer, just not with my own company (and I'm completely fine with that, actually). Shout out to Next Level Organizing in Connecticut for seeing my badass potential and having me full time for almost two years now!

I am excited to continue to feature cool organizing products and folx in the arts community on my blog. People who are working hard, creating interesting things, or people who I find to be fascinating creatures. I still can present/email either of my seminars (Tour Prep and Time Management for Artists) for those who want it. If you still want me to organize for you, I am absolutely happy help in person or virtually. It'd be just for fun, but I'd take a glass of wine as a token appreciation. Or four glasses.

I have spent nearly my entire life working in Theater. I've been onstage, offstage and in Administrative jobs and I loved all of it. I lived on tour, traveling with Disney Theatrical Group and The Utah Shakespeare Festival for a combined 2 years. After I got off the road, I went to Broadway. After Broadway, was determined to combine my passion for organizing with my knowledge about tour life. And with that, Fourth Wall Organizing was created in 2016! Today, I continue to bring you the content you only-kind-of-want-to read, maybe if you're bored and waiting between auditions. I'm thriving, girl! I hope you are, too.


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