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Kimberly Faye Greenberg and the Business of "Me"

Meet the Multi-Hyphenate Performing Artist and Consultant who helps boost the careers of fellow artists.

Greenberg says multi-tasking is her super power. Honestly, after finding out everything she's balancing right now (and always), I can't say I disagree.

Originally from Southern California, she graduated early from University of California, Irvine and moved to NYC. She is currently the first and only actress to star in leading roles in two Off-Broadway shows simultaneously. 20 years since she moved to NYC, she is now a *deep inhale*... - Stage/TV/Film Actress

- recurring character on HBO miniseries "The Plot Against America" (Prayers to the editing gods) - Cast Album Recording Artist

- A member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, IATSE

- Broadway Expert

- Touring performing artist, most importantly featuring her solo FABULOUS FANNY: THE SONGS AND STORIES OF FANNY BRICE

- Broadway Swing Dresser (20+ shows on Broadway)

-Wardrobe Supervisor

...And Consultant!

She says she is so proud to help other artists in their career trajectory with courses that they can access on their own time, anytime. She is a firm believer that there is enough work in the world for everyone to succeed and we can all use our own gifts to help each other. Especially now (thanks, COVID-19), she reminds us that this business can be fickle, and we need to do numerous things in our careers and stay proactive. You can figure out how to dive into that through her online courses. "I say I am a business! Everything I do; performing, my Fanny Brice show, my consulting, as a Broadway Expert (with articles, interviews and created content on working on Broadway) and as a backstage Broadway wardrobe dresser swing. It all falls under the business of 'Me'. I think really anyone in the arts is their own 'business' its just not a brick and mortar store."

***She is offering you (yeah, you!) a half off discount on her "How To Get An Agent" course by entering “HALFOFFMADNESS” into the coupon code box. Just a reminder that if you are interested in purchasing any of her courses, you can use the expense as a tax write off a a resource/education expense. *high five*



FREE Actor Marketing Course

This 30 minute seminar helps actors at all levels with actionable tips and tricks of marketing themselves in the business. She includes information about how to think more strategically about how they are presenting their own uniqueness in their marketing materials (including headshots, resumes, websites, postcards, cover letters, social media handles and more). She speaks on the power of being proactive and creating your own content that showcases you as well as gives acctionable tips to do that.

Seminar was prerecorded/taught by Kimberly Faye Greenberg from the Brunch and Learn Series at the Westfield International Film Festival.


HOW TO GET AN AGENT online course includes tips, tricks and templates to get Representation whether you are looking for an agent or a manager. It will still require you to do some legwork on your own, but with her step-by-step help, the pace at which you can do the work will be so much faster. She provides templates for cover letters, templates for networking lists and castability lists, as well as her popular branding worksheets which helps you to create a pitch so that you are showcasing your unique you to the world in all your marketing materials to help you stand out amongst the crowd in a saturated market.  Course is $79 but remember to enter "HALFOFFMADNESS" when checking out!


GET BRANDED mini-course. (this is for those not wanting to take the how to get an agent course as its already included in the larger course) This contains her branding worksheets and a quick audio module so that you learn how to brand and how to pitch yourself as an actor, and stand out in a saturated market whether it’s in cover letters, choosing audition material, pitching in interviews and so much more! Course is $40.


She works with performers and backstage artists in person or via FaceTime. Her work is very much geared towards whatever the person needs whether its resume building, cover letters, goal setting, thinking outside-the-box strategies, branding, how to pursue the biz in NY, creating your own work and more! Her motto is: let's look at what makes you unique, what you bring to the table, and capitalize on that to create career momentum. $100 for a 60 minute session $150 for the HOW TO GET AN AGENT FULL COURSE One-on-One (90 minutes).

$30 INTRO for New Clients: session available to see if you would like to work with me (30 minutes via Facetime ONLY)

For more information on the courses, be sure to check out her site!


Check out more from Kimberly Faye Greenberg!!

Instagram: kfgreenberg

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