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Top 5 Travel Beauty Organizing Products

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

#1 Packing Cube

I want to start by clearing the air...Throwing all of your shit in a small/medium packing cube is completely acceptable and I honestly used this as one of my methods while on the road. I support you. Please do still put your liquids in plastic/reusable bags to protect yourself from spills, however.

#2 Large Hanging Toiletry Bag

This organizer is a basic model of what you should look out for to carry your full sized cosmetics and toiletries. I actually found something similar to that bag in 2010 in a grocery store and it has lasted me to this day. eBags has a new great "flat" version which only expands as tall only as a folded pair of jeans.

#2 Roll Up Toiletry Bag

For travel sized bags look for something like this. The magic of these bags are the individual pouches. Keeping things contained, visible and hung up makes getting ready (and restocking) so much easier.

#3 Large Makeup Kit

For a makeup bag that could contain allllllll your makeup, I'd highly recommend this makeup case. It's bigger and much more durable than other cases I've seen, plus it has adjustable dividers!

#4 Standard Makeup Bag

Honestly, I got my basic makeup bag at a CVS in the men's toiletry section - it was meant for a shaving kit and was $9. Here is something similar. It's waterproof and the perfect size for the amount of makeup I wanted to bring, plus left some breathing room to throw in my moisturizer and toothpaste on travel days. Additionally, this bag is just a little larger and has options for more division for categories.

#5 Basic Pouches & Hotel MacGyvering

Standard pouches that zip are sometimes all you need to travel. This is how I used to set up my hotel bathroom, using the Kleenex box holder, paper cup and soap tray (when available). I take everything out and set it up so I felt like I settled in, even if it is just for a night.

Happy packing, everyone! Your opportunities are boundless.

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