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Make It Sticky - Museum Gel!

#makeitsticky is going to catch on. I can feel it.

I'm here to celebrate the ultra cool and always helpful tool called Museum Gel. This gel is made by a company called Ready America which is actually a disaster supply company. Lucky for me and you, they are also here to protect your museum worthy collectibles from disaster! Museum gel is a nontoxic putty that adheres like glue to secure items in place. For retailers, the clear version is fabulous to use for acrylic displays, but for Professional Organizers it's used to secure organizational devices in place. Secure inserts and bins from sliding around in the drawer, keep a display looking nice by securing the items in place without clutter, etc. You can also it on tour by safely securing items in your road box or trunk. I also have used it to secure my book ends in place to better support the books. (See ridiculous photo below)

Museum Gel's #1 Fan OBVI

To use it, simply pinch a small bit out from the jar and roll it into a ball. You will only need a small ball about 1/4 of an inch in diameter, in most cases.

Apply the gel to the bottom of you item in as many places as you desire. On a medium-large item, I apply at least 4 gels around the outside base. Smaller or light weight items may not need as much.

Gently press your item into place and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. If you need to remove the gel, you can do so without harming your surface by twisting the item gently from its place. It does say that it works on MOST surfaces including glass and furniture. I am not sure what surface it doesn't work on other than the obvious liquid surface.

You can pick museum gel up at The Container Store for $12 or on Amazon for $10.

FYI Ready America also makes Quake Hold Museum Gel which, as you may assume, holds things into place during an earthquake. It also advertises that it's safe from "kids and other home shakers" which is best vague advertising I've ever heard.

Give it a try! Museum gel is the shit. #homeorganization #museumgel #makeitsticky #fourthwallorganizing

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