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How to Pack Your Kitchen Basics for a Move

This post part of my #MoveItOrLoseIt series, where I share my best moving tips with you. Find links to more moving tips at the end of this page!

In this post, I'll show you how to pack up your kitchen basics. Additionally, I'll show you how I pack the super fragile and super cheap plastic stuff, too!



These tea cups (from my Nana) are fragile and need extra padding to help prevent breakage in the move. I am using a packing foam, purely because that's what I had available to me - but you can use bubblewrap, or pack them in their own special small box. Pad enough so that you feel confident it will absorb any shockwaves from a dropped box.



Our glassware is nothing fancy, so I'm only using one sheet of paper per glass. If you have super delicate glasses, you can either use two sheets of paper, or padding around your packaging using cardboard dividers or paper. Roll the glass from corner to corner, tucking in as much paper into the cup as possible.



Some people prefer to use bubble wrap for added protection, but truthfully, stemmed glassware is the item I see most broken in moves no matter how well it's packed. I am using two pieces of paper to create a bundle for extra cushion.



I don't store anything with the lid on - which is a personal preference. I find that storing them with the lid on leaves a mildewy smell that really grosses me out. So, I add a small container next to it with all the matching lids for easy matching. When I'm packing cups and Tupperware, I'm assuming I'll want to do the same thing in my next home, so I'm nesting all the cups as best I am able, and keeping lids in containers. In order to keep categories easily identified, I will add a layer of paper on top of this section before adding anything else (water bottles) on top.



The wrapping process for Bowls and plates are similar. I like to use one piece of paper for two dishes. For plates, simply lay on plate down on half a piece of packing paper and fold the paper rover the plate. Lay another plate on top of the paper and wrap the remains paper around that plate. For small-standard sized bowls, I wrap one bowl, flip in over, place the other bowl on top of it, and keep rolling and wrapping the paper into the cup of the bowl, until you end with a nicely cushioned wrap.



It pays to organize before you move. Simply wrap your utensil organizers in Saran Wrap and place in a box. If you don't have wrap to spare, use paper.



I like to keep things contained, this may not shock you. For Example: I store all the instant pot accessories in the Instant Pot - why? The only time I would use the tools for the Instant Pot would be if I was using the Instant Pot. Same goes for the Kitchen Aid. For appliances with multiple attachments, like the immersion blender, gather everything and find either a bin or container without a lid to wrangle everything. I'm packing them exactly as they are, just passed with paper on the bottom, around and on top. *Technically, the best way to travel an appliance is in their original box, but I always encourage you to get rid of the packaging because it takes up SO much unnecessary storage space.

If you found this helpful, be sure to check out my other moving tips in the blogs here! How to Declutter Before a Move - ft. Missy Elliott

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