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Dressing Room Station Surprise Makeover

See the ultrafabulous Phylicia Pearl's dressing room station transform from cluttered to calm.

Phylicia Pearl - photo by David Noles

Phylicia Pearl Mpasi is a brassy-sassy lady. She is that big energy that runs into the room when you least expect it, and picks up your spirit when you need it the most. She loves her African family roots, ABC's The Bachelor, and Oprah. She once said "Leonardo DiCaprio is not a person, he's my lifestyle". Actually, she has definitely said that more than once. She is currently a badass Swing on Disney's The Lion King tour, but is also a full time artist and expresses herself through many other outlets such as writing, directing, and fitness. She has been a great support of my business and often shows me her successes in organization through Instagram! Follow Phylicia on instagram @phyliciapearl.

While I was subbing on the tour this month, I asked her if I could see her dressing room station, just out of curiosity. (It's been so long since I've had a station, I felt I needed a reminder about what needs to live there.) After seeing her set up, I wanted to surprise Phylicia with an organized dressing station because: 1. It turns out she's an absolute dumpster fire when it comes to organizing her station (much love, Phy) 2. She is a hard worker , a kind and funny human, and deserving of having some peace and calm while at work.

3. I knew she wouldn't freak out that I touched her stuff, as she gave me full permission to do so the day before.



The Process

I took pictures so I could take inventory of her needs. She needs space for pens/pencils, laptop and books so she can do work. She needs space for the obvious things like stage make up, cleansers, and her personal items (read: framed Leonardo DiCaprio). I challenged myself to keep it under $10.

I walked into a Bed Bath & Beyond, went straight to the Clearance section and found this tray/acrylic organizer. It had two tall sections for Mascaras, liners and brushes. CHECK. It had several medium sized sections for eyeshadows & blush. CHECK It was on sale AND I had my trusty 20% coupon loaded on my phone. CHECK

I secured that baby for $9.

My main goal was to keep things functional, practical, and flexible. As a Swing, Phylicia has a constantly changing schedule and her station needs to be able to keep up. All performers should have a work space that feel calm, clutter free, and functional. Phylicia is BEYOND deserving of feeling calm and relaxed. You can see Phylicia's epic response to the surprise on my Tour Packing highlight on Fourth Wall Organizing Instagram.




Just One More Thing

Alas, as this was a surprise, I had a small window to shop for her! I didn't have time to make it to The Container Store, where I would have purchased either this bin or this bin for her. This would serve several purposes for her: drop zone for her purse, a place for her books, snacks, lotions & misc. items, and a place for her backstock skincare/makeup. It could live on the floor under her station so she had room to spread out to work during the show. My first choice (pending her opinion) is the $12 foldable Kiva bin with handles, as she can put her makeup back into her travel pouches and collapse the bin for easy travel. Or, I would get one like this $10 bin which has a lid, is easy to clean, and can fit all her dressing room station items for travel!

Go follow Phylicia on instagram @phyliciapearl and see her be fabulous.

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