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Breaking The Fourth Wall

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Fourth Wall: (noun) a performance convention in which an invisible wall separates the performers from the audience.

Welcome, to Fourth Wall! I'm Tricia. I'm organized, love drinking wine and I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable. I started this blog about Organizing for Artists because I wanted to put helpful tour life information out into the ether. I like providing resources to others when they need help, so if I cannot find a resource, I wanted to be the one to create it. Here we are! I share many personal organization tips, and also interview people who know more about things than I do, so we can all get smarter together.

I'm a Professional Organizer who specializes in working with those in the Arts. I started Fourth Wall Organizing just before I left my job in Merchandising on tour & Broadway with Disney's The Lion King, Aladdin and Newsies. I saw a need for organizational help for Artists, especially those on tour. Whether it's packing, paper management, trunk organization, a road box in disarray, or just issues with time management - this world needed my sweet sweet organizational skills.

Why am I the Hero that Gotham needs?

Well...I have a combined two and a half years of touring experience, sixteen years on stage experience, three months backstage (wasn't my strength sorry to say, guys), three years Front of House experience, and three years of Theatrical Merchandising. That's 25 years participating in some capacity in the theatrical realm. Damn, that's even impressive to me! Werk. I have also been organizing spaces since I was six years old, which makes me simultaneously lame and awesome.

I happen to be a highly organized individual with the knowledge of how a daily schedule for those working in the Arts operates. It's mayhem, America. Why do we do this? We are all so exhausted, and hungry, and are just trying to get through the day so we can get to that cocktail (or insert your vice here).

An entire life in suitcases and no trunk. You can do it too!

Let's be very real...

Truth Time: Creating a business for artists, meant to accommodate artists budgets, is You're shocked, I'm sure. So, in order to continue paying my bills, I organize full time with a fabulous team of three women at Next Level Organizing. That said, I am happy that I get to make living doing what I love, and have this as a passion project as a cherry on top. I also go on tour for short term gigs when Disney needs an extra set of hands.

"But What Do You Even Do, Though?" - You, Just Now

Tour Prep

You just booked a gig on tour! YAY YOU! But you have no idea how to pack, what to bring, what your schedule will be like outside the show, what hotels you'll stay in (if any), or how to travel efficiently. Do you even have a passport? You can't remember. You reach out to me and we sit down together. We look at your tour schedule, create a style formula that suits you and decide what to pack based on the cities you will travel to. I will teach you how to pack to save space, and how to fold based on how much time you'll have at the hotels. We will discuss trunk packing, resources to make your touring experience easier, and give you a sense of calm so you can go back to being excited about your new road life! I will email you resources to keep as a reference.You are so glad you emailed me. You can also start your prep by reading my tour prep checklist here.


I am also available to present my Tour Prep Seminar to any individual or learning institution with a Theater/Music Department. I've gathered all of my Titans of Touring (aka my experienced tour friends and I) together to create a super helpful introduction to tour life. Please visit my Seminar Page for more detail. Email for rates and availability.

Why You Should Come Back And Read More Blogs When They Are Published...

If you made it through this blog post, chances are you'd love working with me and reading my future blog posts. I'm a hoot (according to my Nana). I will be focusing on all things Organizing, while always keeping Artists in mind. There are so many great ideas in my brain that I want to share with you!

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